SinoFresh Antiseptic Nasal Spray for Sinus Infection Symptoms  SinoFresh Antiseptic Nasal Spray for Sinus Infection Symptoms
Have had sinus issues for almost 20 years, with occasional "bad" infections requiring antibiotics. A year and a half ago, an acute problem developed and surgery was being recommended. TWO CT scans over three months at same time CT scans being cancer-promoters were in the news! Second opinion doc. said surgery not indicated YET. Recommended daily use of nasal steriods and other prescription meds. Chronic nosebleeds ensued - not a desirable side effect! Took the "self-care" route up a notch on my own. Have always done saline/nasal washing ("irrigation" with Neti pots or similar devices. Added SinoFresh and began to get better. MUCH better. All symptoms gradually disappeared. Sinofresh REALLY worked - and no irritation and no nosebleeds. I LOVE this product as part of my daily regimen. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Worth every penny!!
This product is the one and only non medicated nasal spray that does what it does...moisturize miserable dry nasal passages very effectively and do it with an extra-fresh little zip of mint. The label says "antiseptic" and I believe it...I have been using it for several years and between keeping the nasal passages moisturezed so that they can more effectively slough off airborne germs trying to "take root" and cleaning the passages gently every time I use it, I have not been sick at all. Prior to this product I had chronic colds all year. Also, I keep one in the car and use it when I feel even the slightest bit tired. The ultra-fresh feeling wakes me right up while driving long distances. Love this stuff.
Actual Satisfied Sinofresh User - Midwest
Actual Satisfied Sinofresh User - Pacific Northwest
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